Sunday, December 28, 2014

Presto Aroma Recovery Packer

This is a yad interface for packing recovery images into an Aroma installer



661da5d Moved some binaries and working files to /bin
602e00b updated
52c0d45 dpkg-query: eliminate a vairable having to be set.
7db7a41 fixed yad detection on new dpkg
55d314b Removed the need for awk in bash since bash is mostly common
6417d3c POSIX: Fix quoting for expansion and switch from echo to printf
6a93ec3 Check and install yad
46da0df Clean up syntax a little
b71d459 Version 2.0
80b4a3f Added ability to change recovery partitions for other phones.
fd4e1a8 Updated
2125922 Removed a repetitive line already included in cleanup script
46d80c9 Added notification bubble popups
ffeb043 Update
99acc5d added a tick box for including a theme for twrp
1c3c408 Added file selector box for finding recovery.img
3896c91 Cleanup and add binary checks for recovery.img and $
540f00a Updated to yad GUI/No more manual config
05294af Merge branch 'master' of
6d32f25 authorship fix
68b551a Update
72b547b updated readme
af7709d yad based interactive script
34484e5 remove local paths to solve confusion
33345cf Fixed missing hashbang in build script
3a9ed57 Remove binaries and add recovery import feature.
db43596 fixed readme derps
77baa0c Version 1.0 upload
f2e7504 Initial commit

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