Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pantech Burst/p9070 areola kernel

A custom CM10 kernel for the Pantech Burst.

*This version will compile on the slimbean final codebase with linaro toolchains.*
Newer R5.R6 linaro version is available HERE

*This is deprecated and does not work in newer AOSP based builds unless you copy your old wifi library with it.*

DOWNLOAD Release 2

This does not work on newer builds unless you copy your wifi module from the old zip and put it in your build. The newer builds use a different (better) kernel. This is a discontinued project anyway, so no updates.

Do NOT use this with my SlimBean builds.


Release 2: disable MMC_CAP_ERASE.
Release 1: Added smartass v2 governor and started battery tweaks.

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