Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pantech Burst Slimbean 3.1.0 *final*

SlimBean 3.1.0 based on Android 4.1.2

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1.boot to recovery.
2.Wipe dalvik cache, wipe cache, wipe user data (factory reset).
3.Install ROM.
4.Install Gapps.
5.Boot into the ROM.
6. You may need to reboot the ROM one time to get the core decision logic working.

 This ROM takes about a 12 hours to settle to an optimized state. This uses a kernel that is updated more than the Areola kernel. There is no need to flash it.

Features and info:
  A5 Kernel:
                 Removed because it causes too many support questions.
               Source can be found HERE
       Final:Added presto device specific settings to the final.
Release 8:Redid cc optimization for a little more speed
                Updated to newest Nova beta.
                Raised seek limit for cheap SD cards
                CRT animation fixed(no more randomness)
                Added ROW scheduler
                Removed some unused UI options
                Fixed hardware info and baseband version not showing
                Re-factored default liberty settings.
                A bit of audio rework (USB audio should be good on all boards now)
                Fixed lockscreen weather widget
                Should fix any problems setting CPU governors
                Sysctl tweaks added
                Blocks most invasive ads to save bandwidth
                LZO kernel compression (trying to get boot times down)
                A lot of kernel changes for smoothness
                Voice dialer update
                Added SlimIRC
                File system (re)tweaks
                UI errors for system and kernel settings that won't stick on some
                  devices is solved
                Fixed openvpn
                Fixed sqlite
                Fixed zipalign
                Tun module is external now
Release 7.1b: No need for the USB patch anymore.
Release 7.1:Fixed issue with some users not having a launcher on install.
                 Switched to optimized Nova launcher as default
                   Added sio CPU scheduler
                   SUNRPC: Ensure that the TCP socket is closed when in CLOSE_WAIT
Release 7:Genhd Flash optimization
                Added savagedzen governor
                Added Smartass H3 governor
                Reworked Smartassv2 governor + added boost + deeper sleep + SMP rework
                Device powers on when USB is unplugged
                Download manager directory increased from 100MB to 500MB
                Enable electronbeam screen-on animation
                More USB rework (patch above)
                Torch is fixed.
Release 6:New kernel. Don't use Areola.
                Fixed torch (no toggle)
                Various code cleanups from the device tree.
                Fixed excessive battery usage in kernel
                Compass fixed
                Orientation sensor rework
                Bluetooth tethering
                Random BT MAC address
                Disable MMC_CAP_ERASE
                Reworked USB mass storage a bit.
Release 5:Changed Partition calls to a universal format
                Fixed USB mass Storage.
                Cleaned up some bad code left over.
                Cosmetic reverts to official graphics.
                Startup tweaks disabled by default (menu).
                Added libnv and liboncrpc modules to the build.
Release 4:Time restore fixes.
                 Hard key feedback.
                 Off-chip audio amplification.
Release 3: Internal testers.
Release 2: WiFi Tether fixed.
Release 1: Initial build.

Bugs: Please report.

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