Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pantech Burst CWM Recovery Timestamp fix (ICS)

*Stock ICS ONLY*
Custom CWM Touch for the Pantech Burst that has a script to make your backup folders show the correct date and GMT. This is known to bootloop in our CM10 builds, make sure you do a backup first.



1. Boot into CWM recovery or fastboot a CWM image.
2. Select install zip from SD Card.
3. Select choose zip from external SD Card
4. Select p9070.CWM.
5. Reboot into your ROM.
6. Reboot into CWM.
7. Backup as usual.

Now it should timestamp your backup folders correctly. Be sure to boot into your ROM once before trying this as it will have to send a time token to recovery before it can work.

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