Friday, October 05, 2012

Pantech Burst/p9070/Presto Root and CWM For ICS or Gingerbread

UPDATED: one click process.

I put together a little root kit for you guys. It installs root access along with Clockworkmod recovery. I also included a Gingerbread bootloader for ICS in case you want full fastboot support.


Phone fully booted, enable usb debugging

1. Make sure you are on stock ICS or Gingerbread.
2. Make sure adb and fastboot are working on your PC.
3. Run the script.


When it's finished you will have a temporary CWM recovery booted.

-Tap "install zip from sdcard"
-Tap "choose zip from sdcard"
-Go back
-Reboot system

Now you have Root/CWM/Full Fastboot/busybox/init.d support.
Have fun!

If you can't connect via fastboot then you probably need to manually install drivers.


Plug the device in that you need the drivers for - plug it in with USB Debugging on.
- extract " p9070.Pantech.Burst.Driver.marduk191.rar" to the root of your C: to avoid any further complication (C:\ p9070.Pantech.Burst.Driver.marduk191)
- go to device manager and right click on the "Android" labeled node with yellow exclamation sign on it and click on Update Drivers Software...
- from the next window select 2nd option labeled "Browse my computer for driver software"
- from the next window select 2nd option again labeled "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
- from the next window select "Show All Devices" and click next
- from the next window click on the button labeled "Have Disk"
- in next dialog box copy/paste this text; "C:\ p9070.Pantech.Burst.Driver.marduk191"
- click on OK button and select "Android Bootloader Interface" from next dialog box and click on next
- click on "Yes" button on next warning and you are good to go...

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