Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Old GE5803P hack

Back in the day I did a mod on the General Electric 5803P DVD player I found somewhere. I enabled the service mode menu and disabled macrovision and all that good stuff. More after the break.

1.Burn the .asd file from onto a cd-rw
2. Insert in dvd player then power down.
3.Wait then power back on and wait..if nothing appears push play and follow any on
screen instructions.

**When it's flashing wait a minimum of 15 minutes, even though it says 3 or whatever, just to make sure. If it quits responding wait at least 15 minutes and listen to the player to make sure the disc isn't spinning. Then eject. If eject is not possible, Power off then back on, Then eject or skip as SOON as you possibly can. All done.

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