Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Carbon copy of an old mod I did on xbox-scene

Back on may 11 2006 I did an article on how to modify the mn-740 Xbox wireless adapter, I copied it here to archive it. Article after the break.

Some of this has been modified to fit the new format. Especially where files can no longer be found etc.
The files I had modified were lost so I uploaded the firmware and the tool needed to flash with. If I get time I will modify the XML for the later version firmwares of this adapter as's pretty easy by todays standards though. Check the folder MN740 over on the right.

Xbox1 Wireless Adapter Firmware, new package on an old hack, updated for newer firmwares.
Well basically what it does is load the DGL-3420 firmware onto the mn-740 so you can have WPA and also a web interface. It was an older hack but I updated it for the newer firmware versions and packaged everything in one zip file so people new to the hack wouldn't have to hunt everything down. As usual it's a hack so there's no guarantee that it works or won't blow your hardware to crap..yea but it worked for alot of people and I got one 2 days ago that it worked on with this configuration so I guess the hardware didn't change, only the firmware as far as I know (not verified). As always I'm not responsible if you fuck stuff up, use at your own risk!


Here I'll post the small readme I made for this release of the hack since it changed ever so slightly and well...I forgot to put the file in the zip anyway lol.

marduk191 05-10-05 USA date format. <<< In case we need firmware dates for fixes later.

1. Plug your Xbox wireless adapter into an ethernet port.

2. Extract into a directory.

3. In the MSBNDownload folder there will be a file named MSBNUpdate.exe, double click that file to run it.

4. Select the MN-740 runtime update and install it.

5. Wait a LONG time.

6. It may say it failed, may not but either way it worked. (files are deleted when it closes, unzip them again if you need)

7. Run the MSBNUpdate.exe again, if it finds no devices it worked and you are done, if not go to step 2.

8. Manually set your ethernet port to 192.168.0.XXX where xxx can be anything but 30.

9. Log into to configure your D-link DGL-3420 adapter with WPA support :) .

10. Don't use any turbo modes.

11. Don't bitch when you fuck something up, I've edited the original hack to update
anything with version 28 firmware and below so that should be the final firmware
as of this date as I bought mine yesterday (5-10-06)..if not then it's extremely easy to fix
for future versions as long as no major hardware changes happen.

notes: -Don't blame me if you fuck something up, it's a hack...not an add-on or fucking know
the risks of running unauthorized code on a product and I cannot be held responsible for anyone's
mistakes or stupidity. It worked for me and many others around the may fuck your shit
permanently...who knows.
-Some newer hardware is known to have a bug in the channel switching modes of infrastructure mode,
It's being looked into.
-There are currently no ways of re-flashing your original firmware with this flashing software after
this process is ended, that may change later.
-I didn't hex edit the original firmware file so I have no clue if it can be changed for X reason
or another. For my purpose I didn't need to do that so it probably won't do any good to ask me
about anything of that sort.

*end of the good ol angry days memories :P*

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